6 Goals to Crush This New Year

Every year you make new years resolutions or goals that are meant to better your life, whether it financial, health, being kinder, or just living more. We make a firm plan and after a few weeks or even a day or two, we jump ship. Before going into the new year I made a list of things that I should try to accomplish this year.

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Every year you make new years resolutions or goals that are meant to better your life, whether it financial, health, being kinder, or just living more. We make a firm plan and after a few weeks or even a day or two, we jump ship. Let me ask you this; how long did your new year, new me last?

Without something or someone to hold us accountable we are ultimately doomed. It does take some of us a serious amount of will power to get er' done. I actually envy those who are self-motivated. Now that brings me to the very point of this post.

Before going into the new year I made a list of things that I wanted to accomplish and/or do better. This 2017 goals list is actually a shorter version of the one I have written down in my journal, but they are the most important. So here we go!

6 goals and resolutions to crush this new year for single moms


Be a successful single mother

No this doesn't mean that I am a bad mother, but there's always room for improvements. If you glanced at my blog I'm sure you have picked up that I am a single mom. Since becoming a single mom I've had to become the bad cop and good cop; more of the disciplinarian. I hated it at first, but I had to be in order for my child to respect and listen to me. It's been the hardest journey by far and some days I feel like I'm failing. 

What I've come to realize is that my children are not expecting me to perfect and I'm not always going to be at 100%. I am human. Mothers are allowed to have good and bad days. It does not mean we are failing our child(ren). As long as they are healthy, sheltered, clothed, loved and fed, I've done my job. I want to get into the habit of doing more activities with them and go on our own little adventures. Can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for us!

achieve Financial Stability

Okay, guys, I'm not broke nor dipping into the negatives of my checking account. I would just like to have more ducks in a row than one out of line. I've finally landed my dream job! The pay is great and I get to work from home, only having to commute to the office once a week. I've since then managed to accomplish something that I had not been able to before. Paying my rent and utilities on time. 

But why am I still broke? I'm not living beyond my means. So why do I always have $50 or less come my next pay period? Well, I'm finally at a place where things are coming together. I've made a plan and all I have to do is execute it. Achieving financial stability is very important to my life as a single mother. My children and I depend on my income to make ends meet. 


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Treat Myself Often

Something I don't do often is be good to myself. Before my trip to Blue Ridge Mountains the last thing I probably did for myself was a trip to Daytona, Florida in 2015 for my best friends graduation. I know that's sad. I have been out of town since then, but that's only been with family. I also go to yoga, have dinners here and there with friends. However, most days I hate leaving my house.

I've become accustomed to leggings and sweat pants. Sometimes I have to force myself to go out and socialize which seems like a job itself. But afterwards I feel really good (well depends on the scene) and wonder why I kept myself cooped up in the house, then the cycle repeats itself. 

I need to make more of an effort to treat myself as far as trips, shopping, mani pedi's, movies, etc. Connect with current, new friends, and more mommy friends. I know in order to keep my depression at bay I need to be more kind to myself . 


Volunteer More

A while back I use to volunteer at an organization called Medshare. Medshare delivers life saving supplies to people who need them. I loved it and need to do schedule time to volunteer more often. Aside from that my family also feeds the hungry every 3rd Sunday of the month. I find some comfort in helping people with getting nothing in return. When I volunteer it makes me feel more grateful for the life I do have.


Do Yoga Consistently

Every Tuesday or Thursday I try to get to Decatur Yoga and Pilates for yoga. Lately, I've been going here and there, basically whenever my schedule or pockets deem fit. I love yoga! I love the peace it gives me and I love how I feel afterward. Well not the day after, I'm usually pretty sore. I started therapeutic yoga shortly after my depression diagnoses. 

single moms should become homeowners - goals to crush in the new year


Become a Homeowner

Okay don't judge me, but I've wanted to be a homeowner since I discovered HGTV. Nowadays I want to become a homeowner to not have to cut the check for someone else's home. So lately I've been looking into NACA. For those who are unfamiliar with NACA, they help potential homeowners get affordable mortgage payments. Once I become a homeowner I will feel like I've succeeded as a person and a mother. I want to have a place my children can officially call home and make long-lasting memories. Whether or not I stay in my first home for years, it will be mine!

Now if you want to see if I actually do go through with this goals drop your email in that box below or head over to my channels and subscribe if you're more of a visual person than an avid reader so stay tuned ladies and gents. So, did you make any new year resolutions or make a list of goals to accomplish in 2017? Drop in my inbox at daisha@daisharenee.com and give me your list; maybe I can be your accountability partner!

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