Time Management for Single Moms Is Not a Myth!

Show Notes: Episode 003

In this episode, I give single moms time management tips that will help eliminate overwhelm and tips to help you with structuring your everyday routine. 

In this episode, I give single moms time management tips that will help eliminate overwhelm and tips to help you with structuring your everyday routine.Β 

Time management for single moms is a lot different than it is for married moms.  Unlike us, they have someone to share a load of responsibilities with, while you are left tackling it all on your own. So it's no wonder why you can't stick to those tips because they were not made for YOU. There's definitely a way to create a system that works for you and your family. However, you must be willing to commit to change. 


Breaking Up Your To-Do List

This one is very very important especially if you were a single mom with more than one kid. So I feel like when you bite off more than you can chew you automatically get overwhelmed and you just don't want to do anything else anymore afterward. If you know you have a task which is very time consuming, then do that one task for that day. You don't want to be super burnt out.


Positive Reinforcement of Tiny Humans

If you have tiny humans some motivate them to help you clean. Learn how to unburden yourself from some of the household responsibilities, share them with your children, and recognize them for their efforts.  This way they will also take pleasure in their work. t’s a total win-win for both you and your child.


Morning Prep

I know what it's like when just about everything can go wrong before you leave the house. So to make everything run just a tad smoother, prepare everything at night before bed. Plan out outfits the night before or two-to-three days in advance. Place everything they'll need by the door at night so they can just grab and go right out the door when it's time to leave for daycare/school.


Learn How to Meal Prep

Create your weekly meal plan for your family to stay ahead and worry about one less thing, instead of last minute drive through meals. Yes, the drive-thru is quicker, but you're also spending more money you probably don't really have. Plan ahead of time, store what you can by freezing it. Having your meals scheduled in advanced is a huge time saver, thus allowing you to focus more on your family and saving money in the bank.



  • Understanding the importance of breaking up your list [ 03:22 ]

  • Hear about the benefits of positive reinforcement [ 06:05 ]

  • Find out why it's important to plan your mornings at night [ 07:00 ]

  • Learn how to meal prep [ 09:39 ]


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