What's It Like Being a Single Mom?

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Now you're probably thinking this post is about a single mom's day-to-day schedule, well you're wrong. It's about our day-to-day worries of being a single mom. The things we go batshit crazy over behind closed doors. If you are finding yourself in a direction that is headed toward single motherhood, you may be asking yourself what is it like being a single mom?

Hard! It is by far one of the hardest jobs you will ever have. There's this never-ending worry over making sure the kids are fed, clothed, making sure they are in the best schools; with the best teachers, and bills, please don't even get me started on the bills.

Being a single mom comes with a wide variety of challenges. Challenges like lack of help for single mothers, effective budgeting, mom guilt, lack of self-care, and coping with depression. While it is ideal for you to raise your child together, think about the long-term benefits once the dust settles. I know it may be hard to see right now, but you should never feel regret for doing something that is both right for you and your child.

effective budgeting tips for single moms

effective budgeting tips for single moms

Finances, one of the scariest topics for any single mom. Now I'm no finance guru, but I love sharing any advice I have especially to newly single moms.  The main challenge we face as single mothers is that when you are raising kids on your own without a partner, your personal finances are constantly on your mind. Especially without a supplemental income like child support.

In the beginning, you have to learn pretty quickly to eliminate unnecessary expenses by prioritizing your most important expenses. Don't stress yourself out more than you already are by spending money on thing you don't need to survive. Remember only spend money on things you truly need; I can not express this enough. Stick to the things that you absolutely need to survive and make the change in lifestyle.

Using coupons is not a scarlet letter, you should not feel ashamed for using them. They are a total sanity saver for a good majority of humans, not just single moms. Also, you'll need to get in the habit of keeping a daily expense dairy to keep track of your everyday spending. Start doing either a bi-weekly or monthly update to stay on top of your finances.


being a single moms with no help

There's never enough time in the day when you have work, parenting, and household chores to do. Not to mention helping the kids with their homework, getting dinner set and baths done. It can get very easy for us to get burnt out, especially with the lack of help. The lack of a good support system could result in depression.

Depression is an everyday battle and very few single moms are seeking treatment for their depression, most likely because of personal expenses. Don't let things like money stop you from achieving your dream life. It is possible to make lifestyle changes for FREE. Be strong and determined.

Remember to take care of yourself. Self-care for single moms is essential for our well-being. Lack of self-care for any individual can lead to depression, anxiety, or even resentment, especially towards your child. No one is going to tell you every day to get off your butt and go do something fun or relaxing that will recharge your spirit. 

I know stress so well that it may as well be my middle name. I've had to learn to being okay with treating myself here and there because it's important that I am mentally well for my children. For all, my newly single moms know that it is okay to take a day or two for yourself. If that seems like a lot, start with a few hours and work up from there. Being a mother is not just about providing; we also must create experiences and memories.

meet single moms

Meet single moms

Meeting single moms is like finding your tribe. It helps knowing other women who are going through almost the exact same things as you, and can offer some pretty awesome advice. Find comfort in these new friendships. Talk about your children, talk about something other than your children, or a new hobby that you want to try.

Get out and do something that is totally non-parent related. Other single moms can be some of your biggest supporters because they too lack a village or feel lonely. It's nice to connect with other moms are relatable.

If you're an introvert, this may be a tad difficult for you so start with a Facebook community like my Rockin' Single Motherhood FB group or a site like Meet Up. Connecting virtually may be a nice start for you. Either way, don't go at this journey alone. This can be one the most isolated journey or the most empowering. It's up to you to decide. 


College for single moms

One of the other many challenges of being a single mom includes finishing school. Juggling work and motherhood is challenging enough. Adding school to the mix makes our job even harder. As this is a very important accomplishment, we quickly have to learn to delegate our task wisely, set deadlines, reminders, and get organized. If you've already graduated then congratulations are in order and that's one less thing you'll have to worry about. Unfortunately, 36.4% of single moms have yet to graduate from college and 15% have not graduated high school. 

I'm not going to lie, it's hard as hell. Finding the right times to sit down and outline a few chapters then type up a discussion and post it before the deadline is a tad overwhelming. My advice for any moms who want to go back to school is to have a good support system and get very organized


Single mother benefits

A day in the life of a single mom is exhausting, overwhelming, scary, full of sacrifice, and beautiful; all at the same time. Let me be very clear though, it is hard, but it does get better. One day you will finally be happy, and all of this will be worth it. You will face challenges, and you will struggle. Don't let that scare you or stop you from living your life.

Since I've started blogging I've found that so many women struggle with how to make single motherhood work. That is why my passion is to provide tips to help single moms like you survive the challenges of being a single mom. Hopefully, this is the single mom blog for you!