4 Things for Work-Life Balance Single Moms Should Try

If you don't achieve balance, you'll pretty much suck at being a single mom....said no one EVER! However, learning the ins and outs of mapping out a work-life balance could be a game changer.

If you don't achieve balance, you'll pretty much suck at being a single mom....said no one EVER! However, learning the ins and outs of mapping out a work-life balance could be a game changer.

Kind of like meeting your celebrity crush. Well, maybe not that deep. Whatever, the point is creating a strategy for balance can be freakin' awesome. But without some true effort, you'll be doomed to endure your soul-sucking schedule until the end of time.

Okay sorry about the doom and gloom of my introduction. But I want you to take this seriously. You need a strategy for balance. If strategy sounds like too much work, use the word plan. Either way, we need to fix what's not working in your schedule.

Let me ask you this.

Is your life raining chaos? Are you organized, energetic, filling fulfilled? Are your taking on too many commitments? Do you suck at setting boundaries?

If you answered yes to all of these then you need a kick-ass strategy to achieve some balance. So how do you make this happen exactly?

Well, love, I'm glad you asked. Scroll on down and I'll tell you how!


Satisfaction, control. freedom, sustainability. Take your pick. It essentially means your needs aren’t being met. And since you, my friend, are a single mom. You need that shit, like the very air you breathe.

It's about integrating those components of your life that are very important to you and realizing that sometimes you need to make choices about what needs to come first.

By choosing what comes first, means sacrifices. However, living a balanced life does not require you to give 100% of yourself 100 percent of the time. It's just not possible and I need you to stop it now.

Repeat this ----> Good is good enough!

Perfection in regular parenting (like the kind married folks do) is unrealistic. There will definitely be times when your personal life collides with work, but knowing what's most important will allow you to balance your decisions better.

What does a balanced life mean to you? Your answer will be much different from the next moms. We all come from different walks of life, with different kinds of resources and support.



The ideal work-life balance for single moms would look like this:

  • Less overwhelmed

  • Healthy

  • Well rested

  • Work less

  • Less Urgent/Emergency Calls (not related to your child)

  • More time to work on yourself (because she is not only a mother but a person)

  • More time to spend with her children without the exhaustion from her long day

  • No work on weekends

  • Using the resources around her by delegating tasks to a co-parent, family member or friend

Look I understand your need to go above and beyond and push beyond the limitations that been set by your status as a single mom. But know that it is okay to slooooow down.

You need to understand that you can’t do everything simultaneously, to get as much done as possible. You're only burning yourself out!


When you allow yourself to be selfish with your time you'll feel like the best version of yourself. Probably more than you've been feeling like for a while. As a single mom, I know it feels like you have to be everywhere and have everything organized so that it all runs smoothly.

Perfection in parenting is non-realistic. You’re more than likely already doing above and beyond, now dial it down a notch, eliminate and delegate. You can kick-ass at motherhood without running yourself ragged.

Keeping yourself healthy should be your top priority. Because if you’re taken care of the rest will fall into place. You perform your best when you’re healthy. And don’t feel guilty for not being able to give every single thing your immediate attention. As you begin to make yourself a priority, your energy will start to increase.

Start using your resources

Does the thought of delegating tasks to others feel you with dread? If the answer is yes, let’s explore the why behind that. If you like control then that can be understandable. People won’t always do everything to your exact specifications.

So if that is the case think of something you could hand off that requires way fewer details and explanations. Something you know for a fact they can’t screw up and leaving you more stressed out than you were, to begin with. If it’s a matter of trust, we could also file this under fear of lack of control.

Now let’s explore the benefits of delegation. The stress of going at this whole parenting thing alone can do some damage on your health that’s why it’s important. You try to do so much in the short 24 hours you are given each day, and it’s leaving you drained. If you don’t have people in your life that you can depend on consider eliminating or breaking down some tasks or events to lighten up your schedule.

In my post, Easy Time Management Tips That Single Moms Absolutely Crave, I discuss a few time management tips to help aid single moms to make their day run smoother. With these tips in mind, there is a way to create a system that works for you and your family.


All in all, achieving balance can have huge benefits. While it may take a while for your old habits to die and adjust to your ideal schedule, don’t give up. Lower your expectations to eliminate unnecessary and unhealthy stress. Say yes and demand less. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself.

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