The Best Advice for the Exhausted Single Mom

These moms dish the best advice for the tired and overwhelmed single moms.

Being a single mom is without a doubt the most exhausting and overwhelming job you’ll ever have. Completely ill-equipped in the beginning stages, many of us are left just winging it through trial and error. I mean really, who is really prepared to become a single mom?

No one. Through your struggle to make your new life work, you feel isolated, tired, overwhelmed, stressed and when combining those feelings, depressed. You're having a hard time finding the right work-life balance and your whole life just feels like chaos. Am I right?

exhausted single mom

Tips for exhausted single moms

Luckily in this new day and age of blogs. Single moms like yourself have started blogging to share their experience with single motherhood in the hopes that their message will reach you. Each one of us has our own message and journey. Which is why I have taken to the inter-webs yet again to ask other bloggers to dish on their experience with being a single mom. 

So without further ado ( I kind of like saying that. Please don't judge me), I would like to introduce five amazing mothers and bloggers. These women dish the best advice for exhausted moms. 

 Tamara blogs at Empowered Single Mom

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

Maintaining work-life balance is a moving target for me. It seems as soon as I figure it out something changes and I need to figure it out again. Some of the things I do are:

1. Prep and plan meals to make the evening routine as smooth as possible.

2. Schedule time with friends and time to exercise for self-care. I often include the kid time or friend time in my exercise time.

3. I have alone time with each kid several times a week while getting dinner ready or cleaning up. That gives us time to talk about things we may not want the other kid to hear about if we want or just get work done if the kid isn't in a talking mood.


What's the Best Advice You Could Give a New exhausted Single Mom?

You can do this. It will get better. It is okay to ask for help, no one can do or be everything.

exhausted single mom

Christina blogs at Raising Biracial Babies

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

I work from home and my kids are still young (my oldest is in preschool) so they are home most of the time with me. I take advantage of the margins of my day! So when my youngest is napping and my oldest is doing quiet time, I'll crank out a couple of hours of work.

I also have them play independently along side me while I get some work done. When they go to bed I will also get in a few more hours of work. This way I can still be present with them during the day and do my other mom duties.


What's the Best Advice You Could Give a New exhausted Single Mom?

The loss of your relationship or the family you thought you would have is a huge change. Take some time to grieve that loss. But don't forget to find ways to lift yourself back up as well. Find an amazing support system.

Read quotes, stories, or articles that uplift you and empower you. Find a new hobby or passion you enjoy. Write positive affirmations about yourself every day, and listen to music that makes you feel really positive. These things can really help you find positivity and happiness in your life again.

Keyona blogs at Professional Momma

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

My mantra is “I work to live, not live to work”. When I’m done with work for the day, I leave everything there. Now, with starting the blog things are a little more complicated. I make tons of to-do lists and action lists. When I get home I interact with my daughter, feed her dinner, and do our bedtime routine. Once she’s down for the night, it’s me time.


What's the Best Advice You Could Give a New exhausted Single Mom?

Balance, balance, balance. Becoming a mother doesn’t mean you give up on life. Everything can’t be about your kids. You have to live too. Take a mental health day and take your kids to their child care provider. Use the time off to focus on you. Read a good book, get a mani/pedi, go out to eat, or take a nap! Whatever you decide make sure it’s about you and not the kids.

Kiran blogs at Vivacious Mum

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

I am very clear on what I want for my life and business, I've automated my business that frees up more time for things I love to do (alongside my business). I am super organised and only work the hours I've set myself. Weekends are work free. I've created boundaries and I aim to honour them as much as I can with some pockets of flexibility as life happens.


What's the Best Advice You Could Give a New exhausted Single Mom?

Embrace this journey, it might not be what you wanted or visualised for yourself and your baby, but you are in charge of your own life - Live a Well-designed Life; Consciously, Intentionally and Wholeheartedly.

Samantha blogs at Rich Single Momma

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

I maintain work-life balance by setting boundaries. I do not bring work home from my 9-5 job. Making that decision was important for my sanity. It can be challenging if I have a work from home job (which happens sometimes) so I have to remind myself to leave the work for another day.


What's the Best Advice You Could Give a New exhausted Single Mom?

I would encourage a new single mom to suspend all judgment about what she "should" be doing. Every child is different so your parenting will be different than your mother, friend, and cousin. Take all advice with a grain of salt, thank them for it, then make your final parenting decisions for yourself. Read books, pray for wisdom, and do the best you can.

Did one or all of these tips resonate with you? I know they all did with me. Remember, try not to be too hard on yourself. Especially in the beginning. Discover what balance means for your life so that you can start being a less exhausted mom. 

Naturally, you want to be a good mom and provide your children with all that they need and then some. But perfection is not a realistic part of single parenting. Go ahead and bookmark this article for when you are feeling mommy burnout. 

Feel free to take a moment and let us know in the comments how you achieve a work-life balance and any advice you have for newly exhausted moms. If you are a new single mom, let us know your takeaways from our featured bloggers!

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