Join us in the Rockin' Single Motherhood Community Membership Site!

Join us in the Rockin' Single Motherhood Community membership site. If you're a single mom who wants to feel productive, more energetic, and organized! Get in there TODAY!

What if, you joined a community that was able to inspire you, help keep you motivated towards achieving your goals, and helped you learn to balance all the components of being a single mom?  Are you wanting to start feeling better about yourself? Start feeling more like your "old" self? More productive, more energetic, and organized!

I know just how it can feel with struggling to be the best mom you can be, while also struggling with finding the time and motivation to take care of YOU! So without further ado, I would like to introduce the Rockin' Single Motherhood Community membership site! 


Okay, I know what you're probably thinking. Sheesh, another single mom support group. The community is NOT another Facebook group. In the Rockin' Single Motherhood community, you will get challenges, mini-courses, workshops, group coaching calls, exclusive off social media community space and TONS of exclusive printable content every month!

Say what?! Yes, every month the community is updated with fresh new content ready for you to consume so you can stop with your current half assed systems.

When I first thought about creating a community for single moms, I knew I wanted it to provide TONS of value. So I started with questions like What are you going to offer that other communities aren't? What is going to make people want to engage with your group over another?

So I took to surverys and current Facebook groups that I am in for single moms to discover their pain points and how I can best help them. That's why the Rockin' Single Motherhood Community was born. This community is here to rebrand what it means to be a single mom.

Access to workshops exclusive to members

I've been blogging for some time and have had the opportunity to survey my current subscribers to learn their pain points. Things that they struggle with the most in their day-to-day. Things that they could use a little help with. So, I took to the streets of the interwebs and called out my fellow bloggers from far and near to bring my members some gold. 

Members will be able to participate in monthly workshops from the experts. Every workshop along with it's freebie will be stored in our members vault for you to have access to FOREVER! Well, as long a you're a member anyways. 


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I know a lot of moms like to remain off social media because of its ability to aid wasting time. I've also had members of my current community express their desire to engage in a setting off social media. So I created a community that you can take anywhere. Yes anywhere. Once a member you will receive an invitation to Slack. Then you will be able to download the app and engage in group threads and discussions. 

This is the PERFECT community for you.  You need a safe, accepting and encouraging space for all mothers to share their struggles. So you got it.  As a member, you can share your wins, roadblocks, long-term/short-term goals, or any tips you may have with other moms like-minded moms. Never feel ashamed or stupid about any questions you may have or setting smaller goals than other moms. 

I wanted to provide a space where single mothers are not belittled or attacked when expressing their thoughts and current situations. But also a private community for our members, especially for keeping in touch for events like our monthly group coaching sessions. 



So if you keep up with the blog, you know that I am a big advocate for self-care when it comes to moms, especially single moms. Mothers have the natural ability to always push their needs aside to cater to everyone around her. So I wanted to make challenges that solely focus on you, that will get you feeling good about yourself for absolutely NOTHING. 

The better you feel, the better your mood, the more productive you will be, therefore, more optimistic about your future. Get motivated and held accountable within the group with monthly challenges.


resource library for our exclusive COMMUNITY

As a member, you will also have access to printables, tool-kits, planners, and workbooks. On your membership dashboard, you will find life strategies/ hacks for busy moms. With these resources you will kick overwhelm in the ass and balance all the components of motherhood with ease. 

single mom membership sites

I realized that so many single moms are having trouble navigating single motherhood with little to no support. I realized that there was something I could do about it. So I made this community just for you girl!

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Hello there!

I'm Daisha Renee; single mama, foodie, and lover of yoga. Here on the blog, I love providing powerful solutions for overwhelmed single moms who struggle with balancing all the components of single motherhood. I also want to personally invite you to join my Facebook group. I can't wait to meet you!