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Why Single Moms Still Need Goals

When you became a single mom, did you think, "Well my life is over!" or "I won't be able to do this or that because now I'm on my own."?

I thought so.

That kind of thinking is actually not uncommon. Hell, I'm sure married mothers have probably thought the same a time or two. But I have to tell you something.

You're wrong! You are still first and foremost a woman.

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Why You Should Never Overcompensate for Your Child's Deadbeat Dad

Do you ever feel like you need to overcompensate for your child's deadbeat dad? Do you ever feel like no matter how much of your all you give, it's simply not enough? Time-and-time again you wonder if you're doing the right thing by your child.

If you've answered yes, then you are definitely beating yourself up way too much. For us single moms, this is a never-ending internal battle we have with ourselves. Our responsibly to make sure our children feel loved, even in the midst of our own sorrow.

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Should Single Moms Have to Tell Absent Dads Happy Fathers Day?

Father's Day is a day to celebrate our fathers; biological, step, or adoptive. The day we celebrate those who show up and show out for their children. This holiday is also bittersweet, especially for those of us single moms who put in the work of mother AND father.

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What Single Moms Should Do When Alone on New Years Eve

Now I'm not going to lie bringing in the New Year as a single mom can suck. For a number of reasons too. Your depression may be at its worse or getting there. You are recently single and want to avoid crowds and cute couples completely. Well, whatever your situation it's all a mess. Here are some ideas to get you through New Year's Eve when you don't want to Netflix and chill.

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Five Absolutely Best New Year Resolutions for Single Moms

Are you single mom in need of a few resolution ideas? Well lucky for you I have a few ( honestly didn't mean for that to rhyme). These are not your average goals though. These are BIG goals that will give you a daily positive mindset as well as set yourself up for a successful future, not only for you but for your children too! 

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