Why Being a Single Mom is Not a Death Sentence

What to know a secret? Being a single mom is NOT a death sentence! Your life is not over just because your relationship has ended or you're left parenting alone. You have the power to design your life.

Why is it that when people hear you're a single mom it's like they heard death sentence? Like they automatically assume your life is over. Thus the never ending funnel of scaring moms who may be on their way to becoming single moms.

What to know a secret? Being a single mom is NOT a death sentence! Your life is not over just because your relationship has ended or you're left parenting alone. You have the power to design your life.

You're probably like yeah, yeah, yeah easy to say, harder to do. You're kind of right, but that's mostly because at the beginning of the transition we are ruled by our emotions. Time is the healer of all wounds.


Nevertheless, with the right attitude, resources, and willfulness anything is possible. Being a single mom is not the last stop on the train. you control the destination, you just need to reframe what you think life as a single mom means. Here's why life as a single mom is not a death sentence.

Empower Yourself

Having a positive mindset can make the transition into becoming a single mom much easier. Maintaining a positive mindset can make life as a single mom so much better. Your thoughts are powerful. Using powerful affirmations sets the tone for the rest of your day and hearing them can be a powerful tool for motivation.

Empowering yourself through positive thinking gives you confidence, improves your mood, and even reduce developing conditions such as depression, hypertension, and other stress-related disorders.


Live in the Moment

I know it can be hard to see the light when your world may have just been turned upside and it feels like you'll always be in the dark. Or you've been going at this solo parenting thing for a while and shit just never gets better. Allow yourself to experience humor even in the darkest or most trying situations.

Appreciate your world and don't take this time for self-discovery for granted. Now is the time to become more self-aware. Build a strong, healthy, happier you.

You Can Still Achieve Your Dreams

The life as a single mom is full of limitations sure. We may tell this to ourselves so much we talk ourselves out of achieving our dreams. You only have so much time, money, energy or support. The limitations you impose on yourself does not need to be there. Your limitations stem from all your worst-case scenario fears and doubts.

When you do this, you impoverish yourself and keep you from living the life you deserve. It's time to learn how to start exploring your options, dreaming bigger, and discovering yourself. Your life isn't "over" just because you're a single mom. If anything this is the time to set yourself loose and reach for things you find unattainable.

Let Go Of Your Anger

Yeah, you're a single mom or a solo mom. You have the right to be pissed off. Time and time again you ask him to get more involved or help out with child-related expenses, and typically the responsibility rest on you. The story of our lives my friend. But I can tell you this, while you are holding on to the anger instead of letting it go, you can be sure as hell he's definitely sleeping like a baby.

Process your rage, don't repress it. Psychologist Andrea Brandt suggests trying a different approach to addressing anger. Brandt says try shifting your attention from your mind to how anger makes your body feel. Sit with this feeling of anger for a few moments and not let it get buried. Find productive ways to address what's making you angry and move past it.

All things considered, you have the power to design your life. Only you can decide if your circumstances are the end-all and be-all. Let go of limiting beliefs and reframe. Explore the many possibilities for your future. Everything does not need to perfect to have a life you love.

Spend this time focusing on what you have to gain, instead of dwelling too much on the negativity that involves being a single mom. Your experiences and failures have taught you important lessons that have made you stronger and helped you know yourself better. Trust me this is NOT a death sentence, it's a brand new adventure!

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